The Future of the Art

Experience a new way to collect art with the Chèrie app. Shop famous artworks at affordable pieces.

Major Features

Buy Piece of Art

Chèrie is an innovative online and offline gallery service that allows anyone who loves art to buy artworks at an affordable pieces. You can easily purchase works through the Chèrie app and view actual artwork in offline galleries located in major cities.

Easy to Sell Art

Purchased pieces of the artwork can be monetized according to the number of pieces when the artwork is sold. Piece of artworks can be trading on Chèrie's app. You can use various options such as limit sale and market price sale for the pieces of art you have.

My Collect of Popular Art

You can check Artworks purchased through the Chèrie app at the My Collection menu located within the app. All trading information can manage at the Chèrie app. A certificate issued by Chèrie can also prove ownership of a work of art.

Offline Gallery in Major Cities

Chèrie Gallery is the world's first online and offline art tech gallery located in major cities such as Ginza Tokyo, Singapore, and New York. Experience blue-chip art that you've only seen online at Chèrie Gallery in real life.

Guaranteed Art Piece

Chèrie verifies the authenticity of a work of art based on art experts' advice and analyzes the work's investment data. We carefully select only works with high-profit potential.

Transparent Transaction

Anyone can check the history of the sale of the owner information and ownership of the work online. Information about a particular work is stored in the network to verify transparently without needing a third party's verification.

ART x Technology = Chèrie

AR7 uses blockchain data technology specialized for artworks to safely store original authentication information, ownership information, and transaction information of art products. Anyone can view all info transparently on the Internet.

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